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All examples are in base R, not tidyverse.

Quick start example 1: Simulated data

Install sequoia, simulate data, run parentage assignment and full pedigree reconstruction.

Quick start example 2: Real data

How to prepare data for sequoia.

PedCompare Example (Griffin Pedigree)

Compare the genetically inferred pedigree to a field/paper-records pedigree

More info on

Genotyping errors

Error patterns; per-locus vs per-allele error rate

Mendelian Inheritance

Mendelian inheritance probability, counting opposing homozygous (OH) loci, and calculating threshold OH value for parentage assignment.

Classification of pairs using likelihoods

Use of function CalcPairLL(), e.g. when assignment rate with sequoia() is low

Using mitochondrial haplotypes

Use of option mtSame