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If after repeated tries, checking the help files, the examples and vignettes, you can’t figure out why sequoia isn’t working the way you think it should be working: please do feel free to email me at <jisca.huisman at>. Usually I’ll get back to you within 1–2 days (during European daytime).

For example:

  • It won’t accept the input data
    • Are you really sure there aren’t any weird symbols in the datafile?
  • Assignment rate is (close to) zero, while you are sure there are relatives in the dataset
    • Are you really sure the genotyping error rate is as low as you claim it to be?
    • Are you really sure sequoia() is able to distinguish between different kind of relatives in your dataset? Please see here in the main vignette
    • Are you really sure those genotypes belong to relatives? Did you try CalcPairLL() ?
  • You are getting an error or warning message you can’t make sense of, or which states “Please report bug”
    • Please do email me; something may have slipped through the input check. You can check the changelog for bugs that have been patched in the development version

Consultancy work

If you do not have the time or manpower to perform pedigree reconstruction (and to get familiar with yet another piece of software / R package), I may be able to assist you as freelance consultant.