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Estimate allele frequency (AF), missingness and Mendelian errors per SNP.


SnpStats(GenoM, Pedigree = NULL, Duplicates = NULL, Plot = TRUE, ErrFlavour)



genotype matrix, in sequoia's format: 1 column per SNP, 1 row per individual, genotypes coded as 0/1/2/-9, and row names giving individual IDs.


dataframe with 3 columns: ID - parent1 - parent2. Additional columns and non-genotyped individuals are ignored. Used to count Mendelian errors per SNP and (poorly) estimate the error rate.


dataframe with pairs of duplicated samples


show histograms of the results?


DEPRECATED AND IGNORED. Was used to estimate Err.hat


A matrix with a number of rows equal to the number of SNPs (=number of columns of GenoM), and when no Pedigree is provided 2 columns:


Allele frequency of the 'second allele' (the one for which the homozygote is coded 2)


Proportion of missing calls


p-value from chi-square test for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

When a Pedigree is provided, there are 8 additional columns:

n.dam, n.sire, n.pair

Number of dams, sires, parent-pairs successfully genotyped for the SNP

OHdam, OHsire

Count of number of opposing homozygous cases


Count of Mendelian errors, includes opposing homozygous cases when only one parent is genotyped

n.dups, n.diff

Number of duplicate pairs successfully genotyped for the SNP; number of differences. The latter does not count cases where one duplicate is not successfully genotyped at the SNP


Calculation of these summary statistics can be done in PLINK, and SNPs with low minor allele frequency or high missingness should be filtered out prior to pedigree reconstruction. This function is provided as an aid to inspect the relationship between AF, missingness and genotyping error to find a suitable combination of SNP filtering thresholds to use.

For pedigree reconstruction, SNPs with zero or one copies of the alternate allele in the dataset (MAF \(\le 1/2N\)) are considered fixed, and excluded.

See also

GenoConvert to convert from various data formats; CheckGeno to check the data is in valid format for sequoia and exclude monomorphic SNPs etc., CalcOHLLR to calculate OH & ME per individual.


Genotypes <- SimGeno(Ped_HSg5, nSnp=100, CallRate = runif(100, 0.5, 0.8),
                     SnpError = 0.05)
SnpStats(Genotypes)   # only plots; data is returned invisibly
SNPstats <- SnpStats(Genotypes, Pedigree=Ped_HSg5)