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Estimate the probability that an individual with unknown birth year is born in year y, based on BirthYears or BY.min and/or BY.max of its parents, offspring, and siblings, combined with AgePrior (the age distribution of other parent-offspring pairs), and/or Year.last of its parents.


CalcBYprobs(Pedigree = NULL, LifeHistData = NULL, AgePrior = NULL)



dataframe with columns id-dam-sire.


data.frame with up to 6 columns:


max. 30 characters long


1 = female, 2 = male, 3 = unknown, 4 = hermaphrodite, other numbers or NA = unknown


birth or hatching year, integer, with missing values as NA or any negative number.


minimum birth year, only used if BirthYear is missing


maximum birth year, only used if BirthYear is missing


Last year in which individual could have had offspring. Can e.g. in mammals be the year before death for females, and year after death for males.

"Birth year" may be in any arbitrary discrete time unit relevant to the species (day, month, decade), as long as parents are never born in the same time unit as their offspring, and only integers are used. Individuals do not need to be in the same order as in `GenoM', nor do all genotyped individuals need to be included.


a matrix with probability ratios for individuals with age difference A to have relationship R, as generated by MakeAgePrior. If NULL, MakeAgePrior is called using its default values.


A matrix with for each individual (rows) in the pedigree that has a missing birth year in LifeHistData, or that is not included in

LifeHistData, the probability that it is born in y (columns). Probabilities are rounded to 3 decimal points and may therefore not sum exactly to 1.


This function assists in estimating birth years of individuals for which these are unknown, provided they have at least one parent or one offspring in the pedigree. It is not a substitute for field-based estimates of age, only a method to summarise the pedigree + birth year based information.


Any errors in the pedigree or lifehistory data will cause errors in the birth year probabilities of their parents and offspring, and putatively also of more distant ancestors and descendants. If the ageprior is based on the same erroneous pedigree and lifehistory data, all birth year probabilities will be affected.

See also

MakeAgePrior to estimate effect of age on relationships.


BYprobs <- CalcBYprobs(Pedigree = SeqOUT_griffin$Pedigree,
                       LifeHistData = SeqOUT_griffin$LifeHist)
if (FALSE) {
# heatmap
lattice::levelplot(t(BYprobs), aspect="fill", col.regions=hcl.colors)